Workers Compensation Law

Making Insurance Companies Pay

Workers Compensation laws protect your employer, not you.

Doing the right thing is not often cost-effective. This is why many employers and workers’ compensation insurance companies are more worried about their own bottom lines than they are about injured employees. Many injured workers never get the medical benefits or replacement income they need after suffering a work injury.

It comes as a shock when employers fail to do the right thing and deny workers’ compensation claims, and it can be devastating when a workers’ compensation insurance company refuses to fully cover your injury. Will you be able to make ends meet? How will you pay for your medical bills?

If you are hurt on the job, in almost all cases, your employer (or your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer) has to pay the medical bills for the injury and has to provide you with an income benefit until you are able to get back to work. The workers’ compensation process can be extensive and complicated. Missing deadlines can cause your claim to be invalid and keep you from receiving any benefits. The sooner you get an attorney involved, the better your chances of getting what you are entitled to get, and what you need. Todd Butler has been representing victims of work place injuries for many years and has the skills needed to fight the insurance company and get you the compensation you deserve.

Workers Compensation F.A.Q.